AV Refresh

Axonic Capital

After completing a residential job for Axonic Capital’s COO, he reached out to us if we were open to the idea of being their A/V partner for their new office. Their original A/V install lacked to meet their expectations and needed to be inspected for functionality. Our Field Engineer’s walked through with their end-users, gathered information for each space and presented them an analysis report of their existing systems and recommended solutions. They were glad to refresh their systems to ensure each room would be operational.

Home AV


When it comes to residential spaces, we are up for the challenge! Designing our client’s home, our team provided a solid solution that is easy to use, energy efficient and secure. We pride ourselves in simplistic and minimalistic solutions that pack a great punch. Invisible speakers and TV’s that turn into art when not being used were just some of what we installed to blend in with the home owners aesthetic. With technology becoming smarter and more reliant on internet connectivity, we did our due diligence by planning and running CAT-6 cable during construction to make sure both the desired invisible technology look was achieved and the robust network devices were connected and in sync. We provided them with true Smart Home Integration, voice and touch panel controlled A/V, whole home and outdoor audio, HVAC & Lighting Control.


The New York City Administration for Children’s Services Workforce Institute

4 Pair Communications provided custom build solutions for collaborative learning across school campuses. We integrated a wall mounted 86″ LCD display for interactive presentations, wired and wireless collaboration. We worked with the school consultants to design a solution that would allow for reception of live streams from Queens/Manhattan simulation rooms via wired school network and room computer. Easy to use controls via a button panel located atop the AV equipment rack which was wall mounted below the display. Display interface brackets were custom fabricated to adhere to ADA compliance.